I might be different,

but do not be insulted,


I’m off balance at times,

and I’m partially sighted.

Please do not judge me,

because I’m not like you,

inside of this mind is a brilliance too.

I may be quiet,

and you may think I’m shy,


I can’t see you properly,

that could be why.

You may not notice me,

as you’re passing me by,

but all I might need,

is for someone to say hi.

Some days I give my all,

and I try to aim high,

some days I get so frustrated,

and I just feel like a good cry,


I want you all to know.

The world would be a better place,

if you all opened your hearts and started seeing,

that it doesn’t matter who you are,

we are all just human beings.

© Dakota Kingi, 29 June 2015.

15 years old.

Scribed by Kim Kingi.


A prayer to the heavens

I’m just typing my feelings,

So I can begin my healing,

So here it is….

As I go about my day,

It’s my emotions I’m trying to fight,

So I can stay in the love and light.

My emotion,

Is leaving me nothing but broken.

As I’m beginning to pray,

Now every day,

I say.

To the man above,

Please forgive me but I’m losing my fave,

I know she’s with you and she will be safe.

But you took a very special person, the one I love.

And now she’s in the heavens above.

I feel you by my side everyday mum thank you,

I love and miss you.

I wish I could,

Hold your hand,

Give you a big but gentle cuddle,

And I wish I could hear your voice again.

Because all I have of you,

Is your belongings,

Our memories your advice,

And your photos,

Some in the photo frame.

We will see each other again,

I know and I pray,


© Dakota Kingi,

I started typing this poem 1st June 2020,

And I finished typing this poem 13th June 2020

21 years old.